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How to build the Aeolus Project website


You need to have Ruby installed, along with the following gems:

  • nanoc (3.3.3 is known to work)
  • haml (3.1.4 is known to work)
  • sass (3.1.16 is known to work)
  • kramdown (0.13.5 is known to work)
  • nokogiri (1.5.2 is known to work)
  • adsf (1.1.1 is known to work)

Depending on your operating system, you may need to add the directory with the "nanoc" executable to your $PATH.

Building the Website

The Aeolus Project website is created using nanoc. It takes a website defined by a set of layouts, templates and content files, runs a count of filters on them and produces a static web structure that can be directly posted to a webserver or displayed in a browser.

To do this, go to the "nanocsite" directory and run "nanoc compile":

$ cd nanocsite
$ nanoc compile

The website will be generated into the "nanocsite/output/" directory.

To view the output, start nanoc's built in web server, then point your browser to http://localhost:3000.

$ nanoc view
$ firefox http://localhost:3000

Nanoc Help

Nanoc has many more commands and options available. You can find out more about them by running:

$ nanoc help

File Structure

  • nanocsite/

  • the Aeolus Project website

  • nanocsite/content/

  • the pages that are displayed on the website

  • nanocsite/content/static-redmine

  • static redmine content (themes, javascripts, etc)

  • nanocsite/layouts/

  • the Aeolus Project website template

  • nanocsite/output/

  • the final version of the site -- this is what you want to view in a web browser

File Types

  • HAML files must have the extension .haml
  • Kramdown files must have the extension .md