A cloud solution for our customers including oauth and other security features, scalable storage, and more.
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A cloud that aims to be secure and implement some of the same ideas as RUST. The end goal is to be able to uplaod and store more secured information through a web interface using tokens, encryption, secured keys, login, and access grants.

Network Structure

While Inrush seeks to be a private cloud. Simplr Insites, LLC serves customers whose needs are much different than the typical pod owner. Our data is meant to serve research communities and may or may not be public.

Therefore, our cluster is formatted in a star pattern. Logins are required for nearly everything, authentication via OAuth or any subsequent authentication mechanism adds a layer of security. YOU CAN BAN BADDIES!!!

If you are seeking to build an open social network, anything built on Solid will be better. If you need a level of security, this project aims to suit your needs.

De-Centralization to some extent

The above noted we are working towards as much de-centralization as possible. This includes creating sets of servers to facilitate transfer. However, there is a central lookup and search.


Users need to be able to log into the server; obtain access tokens before they can even be allowed any sort of server access. This allows admins to firewall unknown servers as well. In fact, the central (public) storage and lookup as well as a known webapp should be the only allowed servers to access your server.


Apache v2.0. Please work on this one though.