Official WebSocket API wrapper on python3 with asyncio
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Official bitcoin exchange WebSocket API wrapper on python3 with asyncio.


Now only asyncio and websockets modules required.


With your account at create "fixed" API token on personal settings page. Run examples with -t flag like ./ -t 'your_token' or use module in your own scripts.

# import wrapper
from Bitlish import Bitlish
# create and initialize connection
api = yield from Bitlish(TOKEN, timeout=20, throw_errors=False).init()
# make your calls
resp = yield from api.list_my_trades({'limit': 1})
err, data = resp.get('error'), resp.get('data')
if err:
    print('Error:', api.wrap_error(resp))  # construct error string
    print('My order:', data['list'][0])

Examples - simple API call, you can get error with invalid token. - example of parallel call execution. - try/except example for error handling. - periodic random buying and selling in selected pairs with tiny amounts(~0.001btc).


throw_errors=True parameter raises exception when error from server is received, see for example.