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Welcome to T-lex 3 Github page

Release 3: Maria Bogaerts, Josefa Gonzalez

You can find us on Github!

Problems during installation? Try our DOCKER file

T-lex is a computational pipeline that detects presence and/or absence of annotated individual transposable elements (TEs) using next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

Folder content

  1. : manual updated for T-lex 3
  2. : code file for running T-lex 3
  3. example folder: contains an example file for running T-lex 3
  4. Dockerfile : DOCKER file to run T-lex 3 as a container (not available for -tsd option)
  5. : manual for running T-lex 3 in DOCKER
  6. supporting_information folder: contains scripts and files for calculating sensitivity and specificity
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