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An up-to-date resource of universities that are supporting #NeverAgain demonstrators against disciplinary actions.

Website is live here!

About is a resource that high school students can use to see if the universities they have applied to have made statements saying they will not rescind admittances if a student is disciplined by their high school for peacefully demonstrating. Read more on the About section.

Getting Started

Want to run this site locally and start contributing? Run these commands!

git clone
cd NeverAgainColleges/
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

The main page can then by found at http://localhost:8000

Quick Overview of Tools Used

The site itself is hosted on Github Pages. Data for the list of universities is on this Google Sheet (an old Google Sheet REST API is used to access the data client-side). Semantic UI is used to make it pretty.

List of other Javascript libraries used:


Want to help out with Here's some dev work that is needed!


Here are some features on the site that would need some help:

  • Adding map of US, colored markers on schoools that have/haven't put statements
  • Making list sortable/filterable
  • Adding "Press" section
  • Include a uni's statement on site

Want to start one of these things? Create an Issue above, or DM me on twitter!


There is currently the /scripts/ directory that hosts some rudimentary scripts to supplement data for fills a DataFrame of the colleges that appear on fills a DataFrame of colleges that appear on NACAC's list.

Both Dataframe have different data and different columns names, so be sure to get affiliated with what they both return. contains a sample of how to retrive both DataFrames.

Some projects with this:

  • Use College ScoreCard API to get city/state/size/lat/long for each college.
  • Program that returns a list of colleges that appear on NACAC's list but not
  • Program that finds the most popular tweets that contains their statements
  • Analysis on size/influence of these admission office's twitter accounts

If you want to start one of these, Create an Issue or DM me on twitter!


  • Make list sortable/add categories (UC's, Ivy's, etc.) [HIGH]
  • Add City/State/Size data to Spreadsheet [MED]
  • Add url params to specify college, ?college=3, ?college=UCSanDiego [LOW]
  • Add Press space, place where has been cited in the press [LOW]
  • Include pagination to list [LOW]
  • Use lazy loading for photos [HIGH]
  • When empty search, show message enouraging to contact me [HIGH]
  • Add way to add statements in question(LSU,UChicago, etc.) [HIGH]


Alex Garcia - Main Author

Isaac Diamond - Active contributor

Joy Chen - Active contributor


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