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What It Is
Syn is a synthetic event library that pretty much handles typing, clicking, moving, and
dragging exactly how a real user would perform those actions.
Relevant Links
Using Syn
You'd use syn to perform functional testing on a JavaScript application. Check out the demo
page (3rd link above) for some examples. To add syn to your page, you have two options:
1. Add each script with script tags
There are 5 scripts to add to your page in the following order:
1. synthetic.js
2. mouse.js
3. browsers.js
4. key.js
5. drag/drag.js
2. Use steal
If you are using StealJS as your dependency loader, just steal.plugins('syn'), and the dependencies
will be loaded for you.
Running Syn Tests
Load syn/qunit.html in any browser to run all the tests. Load syn/drag/qunit.html to run the drag tests.