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Regression analysis of transcript abundance on disease score (% damage to canopy) for 184 Danish accessions
Unigene Significance P value Relationship with disease score
comp41009_c0_seq2 8.37E-15 negative
comp77910_c0_seq1 1.63E-14 positive
comp81801_c0_seq2 4.59E-12 negative
comp74338_c1_seq3 2.06E-11 positive
comp82686_c0_seq10 3.53E-11 positive
comp83399_c1_seq1 5.68E-11 negative
comp51186_c0_seq2 2.92E-10 negative
comp84998_c0_seq1 1.44E-09 negative
comp80816_c0_seq2 2.17E-09 positive
comp60777_c0_seq1 2.50E-09 positive
comp85115_c0_seq1 8.18E-09 negative
comp39432_c0_seq1 9.61E-09 negative
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