An addon for Dota 2, I intend for it to contain several sub game modes such as Legends of Dota and Random OMG
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D2Ware Plugin



  • This addon is now dead and is no longer being maintained
  • Most of the core features have been migrated over to Legends of Dota
  • There is a good chance that eventually the more fun gamemodes will be taken from Frota and put into Legends of Dota


An addon for Dota 2, It is a framework for sub game modes. Players connect to a server, then vote on what they would like to play, the most popular choice is loaded, people play it, then voting happens again.

Picking Gamemodes

  • All Pick
  • You can select your hero from the picking screen
  • Legends of Dota
  • It has a fully working drag and drop gui
  • A ready system is in place, and a time limit for picking exists (2 mins by default)
  • There are GUI indicators to show what skills / hero each player has selected
  • There is a fully working drag and drop, hero selector
  • Random OMG
  • Seems to work, you get a random hero, 3 skills and an ult
  • Pure Skill
  • Play as pudge with meat hook, sacred arrow, skewer and ice shards, each spell has no mana cost!
  • Custom hook related stuff is slowly being added, as well as upgrades
  • Invoker Wars
  • You get 4 spells with no mana cost to wreck havok.
  • Puck Wars
  • Play as Puck, most of Puck's spells have no mana cost.
  • Tiny Wars
  • Players spawn as tiny, all of his spells have no mana cost.
  • Earth Spirit Wars
  • Dota's a balance of imbalance, right?
  • Riki Wars
  • Play as riki, get free dust ??? profit
  • Kunkka Wars
  • Kunkka is a pirate.

Gameplay Gamemodes

  • PvP Arena
  • A PvP arena game mode
  • King of the Hill
  • Fight to get more players on top of the point than the enemy team.
  • Oddball
  • get the gem, keep the gem
  • Capture the Flag
  • Steal and return the enemies' flag while protecting your own.
  • Rabbits vs. Sheep
  • What does the Rabbit say?
  • Zombie Survival
  • Survive waves of zombies attacking you!

Picking + Gameplay Gamemodes

  • Warlocks
  • Play as a novice warlock, haphazardly blinking around the map and play hot potato with an unstable spell.
  • Sun Strike Wars
  • One player spawns with Sun Strike and has to kill all the other players with it.
  • Plague
  • When you kill someone, they become the same hero as you, when everyone is the same hero, the game is over.
  • Defense of RuneHill
  • Defend 22 waves of enemies and protect your rune top


  • WTF Mode
  • Players have the option to turn WTF Mode on, making all spells have no cooldown.
  • Free Blink Dagger
  • Everyone will spawn with a free blink dagger.
  • No Buying
  • Items can't be bought from the shop.
  • DM Mode
  • Every time you die, you respawn as a new hero!
  • Fat-o-Meter
  • Every time a hero kills creep or another hero, he grows a little bit.
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Players have max mana regen.
  • Spawn Protection
  • Heroes will be momentarily invulnerable when they spawn.
  • Lucky Items
  • Get random items as the game progresses.
  • Bonus Gold Per Second
  • Gives players gold every second.

D2Ware Servers

How do I use this?

  • Keep in mind it is still in development, and may be buggy
  • IMPORTANT Dota will only load the first plugin in your addons folder, to prevent this, move all other addons out of your addons folder. (I moved mine into an addons_disabled folder) - ONLY the host has to do this. This is not required if you use d2fixups
  • There is another guide here:
  • Download the zip (or clone if you are good enough)
  • Stick the files into "Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\addons\Frota"
  • If done correctly, the following folder should exist "Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\addons\Frota\HudSRC"
  • Reopen dota after each install / update (hud might not update)
  • Run the following command
  • dota_local_addon_enable 1;dota_local_addon_game Frota;dota_local_addon_map Frota;dota_force_gamemode 15;update_addon_paths;dota_wait_for_players_to_load 0;dota_wait_for_players_to_load_timeout 10;map riverofsouls;
  • NOTE If you reach the hero selection screen, it means Frota didn't load correctly! Frota should override / skip the hero selection screen, and take you directly to a vote screen! Please ensure you removed Frostivus (and any other addons) and then restart your client.

How do I play with friend?

More SRCDS Setup Help

  • To debug, try adding -condebug to the SRCDS launch parameters, this will log all the server output to server/dota/console.log, you can check for errors in there
  • Here's a set of working launch parameters
  • srcds.exe -console -game dota +maxplayers 10 +hostport 27015 -condebug -dev +exec someconfig +map riverofsouls.bsp
  • NOTE: You need to create server/dota/cfg/someconfig.cfg and add the following to it to make it work:
  • dota_local_addon_enable 1;dota_local_addon_game Frota;dota_local_addon_map Frota;dota_force_gamemode 15;update_addon_paths
  • NOTE: It is Frota, not frota -- It needs to be uppercase!
  • If your steam.inf doesn't match up to the <active_version> of [THIS DOCUMENT] ( then the server may just exit
  • Verify you have installed metamod and d2fixups correctly, you can do this by adding +meta list to your launch parameters, starting the server, then checking your dota/console.log. You should see these two lines:
  • Listing 1 plugin:
  • [01] Dota 2 Fixups (1.9.2) by Nicholas Hastings
  • If you don't see these two, then you have installed either metamod, or d2fixups incorrectly
  • If you see >> Unknown command "meta" << it means metamod is installed incorrectly, verify you added it to gameinfo.txt

CreateEvent: event 'afs_timer_update' not registered.

  • You get this because you set the server up wrong.
  • There is now a warning inside of Frota which will tell you this
  • To fix, ENSURE you have set the convars dota_local_addon_game to Frota and dota_local_addon_enable to 1

Is there a way I can spawn test heroes?

  • Try the console command 'fake', it will fill the server with fake clients, and give each a hero, this command can only be run from the server console

Hooks & Mod Events

  • There are many hooks and mod events to make making gamemodes easier.
  • See the top of gamemodes.lua for the latest list of hooks and mod events.



Issues that need help

  • When a player leaves the game, their slot isn't removed, and hence, someone else can't connect and take their place, this is caused by the limit of 5 players per team, someone solve this :P
  • Player slot being removed has a hacky fix via Sourcemod, I can also hackily set > 5 people on a team via SMJS / Sourcemod

Up next

  • Getting inspiration to work on this again