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@ashaduri ashaduri released this 04 Feb 10:36
· 2 commits to release/1.1 since this release
  • Fixed a crash when trying to render main window icons which have incomplete data; this fixes a rare crash when scanning devices (#13).
  • Fixed rendering compatibility issues with newer GTK3 versions.
  • Fixed build system conflict with C++20 version header (#14).
  • Fixed "Running command ..." dialog floating above windows of other applications (#17).
  • Fixed a crash when system locale is set to invalid locale.
  • Support Finnish decimal separator (backported from the Debian package) (#23).
  • Set LC_NUMERIC=C for smartctl process to avoid locale-dependent number formatting (#23).
  • Fixed printing all GTK messages as warnings; the messages are sorted by severity now.
  • Add current time to default filename in Save Output dialog.
  • Support macos stat command in
  • Fixed a few typos (backported from the Debian package).
  • Windows port now uses Adwaita theme due to issues with win32 theme.
  • Windows port is dpi-aware now.

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