Nuve - a home media server app
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Nuve Media Server

Nuve media server is lightweight and beautiful.

nuve logo



A .deb installer will be created for the first release.

Design Philosophy

Nuve is the first and only no-comprimise, roll-your-own media server designed to run on low-power hardware like a Raspberry Pi. This is accomplished by moving computation to the viewing client where possible and eliminating non-essential features.

From a UI perspective, Nuve values simplicity, intuitive interation, custimization, and minimal clicks per action. This is accomplished by heavy use of whitespace, Flat UI, animations, smart search and suggestions, and theme support.

Development Setup

cd Nuve

Install dependencies

npm install

Build the bundle in watch mode

webpack --watch

Start up the server

npm start

Project Milestones


  • Automatically Categorize Media Library
  • Stream media in the browser


  • Mobile Friendly UI
  • Theme Support
  • Multicast - CPU efficient synchronized streaming to multiple clients
  • Chromecast support
  • Store library in the cloud (Pay per usage)