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Not all systems have a system module...


    using this directory as your js std library path,
    load the "program" module.  It should
    alert you with the results of
    an increment function.


    for a module loader to be compliant,
    it must run and pass every test in
    this directory.

    All of these tests presume the existence of an
    "print" free variable or a "system" module on
    which a ".stdout.print" method exists for test
    reporting.  Tests call the "print" method with a
    "message" and a "label" argument that is one of
    "pass" or "fail".  "window.console.log" in most
    browsers suffices.

    The test must be run with its directory
    as the standard library path so that
    absolute identifiers will reference
    modules in that directory.

    All of these tests write a "DONE" info
    message to confirm that they ran completely.

    each directory here contains
    a test that verifies that a module
    can get capabilities from its environment
    without accessing free variables.
    (Some of these tests use non-standard features)

    each of these tests corresponds to
    an experimental feature, like
    "include" or implicit locally bound "exports".

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