Colour Flash - A module leveraging the newly-exposed KTANEModKit for 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes'
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Color Flash - a KTANEModKit module

Color Flash Module

Color Flash is a module leveraging the newly-exposed KTANEModKit for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It exploits the psychological effect known as the Stroop effect by prompting the defuser with a sequence of color words, but not necessarily in the color that the word indicates.

The Manual

Visit for a KTANE-like manual specifically for this module.

Steam Workshop Installation

If you purchased Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes through Steam, you'll be able to subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop; goto to subscribe to the Color Flash mod. This will download the module automatically for you, and will continue to download updates for the module when updates are released.

Non-Steam Installation

If you didn't purchase Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes through Steam, but you have a mod-enabled version to play on, then you can manually install the module instead of using the Steam Workshop.

Goto and download the latest release for the module.

Inside the *.zip file will be a folder called ColorFlash; drop that folder into the <path>/<to>/Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes/mods folder. (If the folder doesn't exist, create one for it).