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Simple Piano in Shoes. You can play the MIDI piano with the mouse. :)

I've hacked bleything/midiator to pick up the core MIDI interface part. :)
I know I can use MIDIator gem with Shoes. But I want to understand the basic MIDI usage and this tiny Shoes app doesn't need the big codes.

Piano v0.1 and v0.2 are Windows version only.
Piano v0.3 includes the drivers for Mac and Linux. But I have no Mac and Linux... :(
Hope someone attempt to run v0.3 on his/her Mac or Linux and let me know what happen. ;-)

  • Jun 3rd: Paul Harris attempted to run v0.3 on his (k)ubuntu 9.04 with TiMIDIty. It worked well. Fantastic! Now need some connecting sequence by hand, so trying to find the easy way.
  • Jun 5th: Willian Molinari run v0.4 on his i686-linux. It didn't work and got the error message: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. ... His Ubuntu looks like to use Pulse instead of ALSA?
  • Jun 6th: George Thompson run v0.4 on his Mac, there was no error but no sound. Seems like something is missing...
  • Jun 12th, 2010: v0.4a is only for Windows. Ruby 1.9.1 includes DL2 as DL.


cd piano/lib
shoes piano.rb




Change log

Jun 13th, 2010: Edited a little bit for Policeman Linux. Then there was no error but still no sound. :(
Jun 12th, 2010: Updated to v0.4a for Policeman and added two more new songs.
Jun 04th, 2009: Updated to v0.4 which changes the keyboard color to the sound.
Jun 03rd, 2009: Added a small comment about Paul's great work. Added one more song.
Jun 02nd, 2009: Wrote the drivers for Mac and Linux (v0.3). But not get a chance to run so far.
Jun 01st, 2009: Added more one song and improved the editing chrone function (v0.2).
May 31th, 2009: Added the hovering message function (v0.1a) and two songs.
May 30th, 2009: First release v0.1

To do list

  • prepare drivers for Mac and Linux
  • change the keyboard color to the sound... done!
  • create more songs


Distributed under the terms of the MIT license. Look at midiator/LICENSE.