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Now three tools available.
- ruby_launcher.rb : Launches Shoes app, shoes_countries_new.rb. Specify the course name.
- ruby_launcher2.rb : Launches Shoes app, shoes_all_courses.rb. Total of all courses.
- all_courses.rb : No Shoes. Just output to console. Total of all courses.
This vesion uses Hpricot and Mechanize (0.9.0).
gem install hpricot
gem install mechanize
- select the courses
+ ruby_launcher.rb : give it as an argument
+ ruby_launcher2.rb : edit line 7-13
+ all_courses.rb : edit line 8-14
- run the Ruby program
+ C:\> ruby ruby_launcher.rb <course name>
+ C:\> ruby ruby_launcher2.rb
+ C:\> ruby all_courses.rb
Change log:
06th Apr: Added `highline/import`. (Vic's suggestion)
25th Feb: Fixed a few typos
12th Feb: Merged RLGGHC's pull-request.
28th Jan: Added two new tools, ruby_launcher2.rb and all_courses.rb, which output a total of all courses.
11th Jan: Supported the new spec of Mechanize 0.9.0.
16th Oct: Added 'nostroke' for Shoes-0.r1057
13th Oct: Released new ruby_launcher.rb and shows_countries_new.rb
This new version needs no local data files (i.e. forpc101-7c.html)
It will directly access the web site (
To do list:
- If the following Shoes feature works well, use it instead of the way launching from ruby.
Shoes.setup do
gem 'mechanize'
The OLD version:
Usage is:
- run Countries/shoes_countries.rb with Shoes
- open the ask_open_file window
- select Countries/xxxx.html file
- show the list of the Participants' Countries
Change log:
10th Oct: Updated data files (forpc101-7c.html and forpc101-8c.html)
ashbb (Satoshi Asakawa)