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@ashbb, this is my attempt to merge your patches for windows (shoes/shoes #185). With these changes, Shoes can still build on OS X. Does it also still build on Windows? If so, please merge these changes into your branch, and we can close shoes/shoes #185!

I think I have included all of your changes except I reverted all of shoes/* because we lost a bunch of fixes for warnings. I see that you also added back a bunch of code for video support, but since we no longer have video support, I didn't go back through and add it in.

ashbb and others added some commits Jan 5, 2011

@ashbb ashbb First step for WalkAbout (Shoes 4) on Windows. To lanuch Shoes openin…
…g window, just omitted the following two lines in shoes/lib/shoes.rb so far. Need more debugging.

- #require 'shoes/cache'
- #require 'shoes/shybuilder'
@ashbb ashbb First step for enhancing Policeman (Shoes 3.1) for Windows. 185e05e
@ashbb ashbb Revert "First step for enhancing Policeman (Shoes 3.1) for Windows."
This reverts commit 185e05e.
@ashbb ashbb First step for enhancing Policeman (Shoes 3.1). 87df00a
@ashbb ashbb Evacuate some files temporarily to merge the latest shoes/shoes repo. 2c059c7
@ashbb ashbb Merge remote branch 'shoes/develop' into develop 3ef9bc6
@ashbb ashbb Restore rake/make files and some source files using in Shoes 3 for Wi…
@ashbb ashbb Commented out the require 'tmpdir' statements and overwrote Dir.tmpdi…
…r method and fixed a syntax error.
@ashbb ashbb You can now play Othello Game with Red Shoes for Windows local build …
…0.r1778. Yay! :-D
@ashbb ashbb A monkey patch for accepting the difference of constants scope betwee…
…n 1.9.1 and 1.9.3.
@ashbb ashbb Added a new patch to solve the encoding problem. Removed previous rel…
…evant patches and reverted the require 'tmpdir' lines back to the original.
@ashbb ashbb The rb_unbound_get_class() in app.c didn't work with Ruby1.9.3p125. S…
…o, added a patch without using the function. Now class-book.rb works.
@PragTob PragTob Fixing the error with the simply-rubygems.rb example. New rubygems ve…
…rsion simply expected there to be ui.download_reporter method. Oh and couldn't help it, had to insert those new lines, their absence hurt my eyes :-(
@mpapis mpapis detect libdir base not being lib and link it to lib 3b51125
@mpapis mpapis Merge branch 'develop' of into develop 2a7da6a
@mpapis mpapis fix Shoes.setup 58fd5b6
@mpapis mpapis upgrade rubygems/setup code 9c23f10
@mpapis mpapis add minimal support for bundler/Gemfile in setup 9114457
@steveklabnik steveklabnik Adding note about Bundler integration. 7e41617
@wasnotrice wasnotrice Merge ashbb/develop b4a94a1
@wasnotrice wasnotrice Fixup after merge 8be181f
@wasnotrice wasnotrice Revert to master version of shoes/* e76e20e
@wasnotrice wasnotrice Make encoding.rb conditional for windows 75ae4a9

@ashbb ashbb merged commit 75ae4a9 into ashbb:develop Mar 25, 2012

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