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Shoes Tone Matrix

Simple Tone Matrix on Shoes. :)

Original flash based ToneMatrix is here.

I've hacked bleything/midiator to pick up the core MIDI interface part. :)
I know I can use MIDIator gem with Shoes. But I want to understand the basic MIDI usage and this tiny Shoes app doesn't need the big codes.

Shoes Tone Matrix v0.1 includes the drivers for Mac and Linux. But I have no Mac and Linux... :(
Hope someone attempt to run v0.5b on his/her Mac or Linux and let me know what happen. ;-)


cd shoes_tone_matrix/lib
shoes shoes_tone_matrix.rb



[16, 64, 256, 1024, 256, 64, 1552, 2304, 2304, 1536, 2048, 9152, 8768, 8768, 8768, 7232]

Look at online demo.

Outputting to a synthesizer on Windows XP!

Change log

Jul 20th, 2009: Added Paul's great work.
Jun 21th, 2009: Merged citizen428's pull request and a small refactoring (v0.5b)
Jun 20th, 2009: Added a link to an online demo. Fixed a trivial typo (v0.5a)
Jun 19th, 2009: Improved link button style and added visual effect off/on button (v0.5)
Jun 18th, 2009: Implemented Paul's suggestion No.2 and 3. Add CLEAR button. (v0.4)
Jun 17th, 2009: Implemented Paul's suggestion No.1 (v0.2)
Jun 15th, 2009: Without using MIDI number zero for Linux. (v0.1a)
Jun 13th, 2009: First release v0.1

To do list

  • Paul's suggestions
  • to/from clipboard ......... done!
  • clear by space-key ........ done! (obsolete)
  • add clear button .......... done!
  • add more visual effect .... done!
  • change tone type .......... done!
  • change sound speed
  • save tone matrix data
  • add visual effect off/on button .. done!


Distributed under the terms of the MIT license. Look at midiator/LICENSE.