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Shoes Tutorial Note

- For the Shoes App Rookie Creators -

May 30th, 2010 by ashbb

Table of contents

  1. 00100 Introduction
  2. 00200 Download Shoes
  3. 00300 First step
  4. Birds-eye view (Survey basic features)
  5. Tips for creating our original Shoes apps
  6. Hot Topics in the Shoes ML and
  7. Assignment
  8. 00800 Relevant web sites (Links) (sample62.rb)
  9. 00900 Appendix
  10. 01000 Acknowledgment
  11. Fancy Gallery
  12. Built-in Samples

  13. 01300 Trivia (sample91.rb, sample92.rb, sample93.rb)

Change log:

Look at changelog.mdown.

To do list:

  • Add search function.... done!
  • Improve mkpdf.rb to form more beautifully.
  • Improve the browser feature to resizable.
  • Improve mkbightml.rb for creating PDF file.

Let's enjoy Ruby and Shoes programming!!




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