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Building Shoes with Windows DDK

Finally, I could build the latest Shoes on my Windows XP laptop! Just following _why's guide. Very easy! B-)



Note 1

At first, when I rake, the following error occured:

C:\Documents and Settings\asa\Git\shoes>rake
(in C:/Documents and Settings/asa/Git/shoes)
rake aborted!
No such file or directory - git rev-list HEAD
C:/Documents and Settings/asa/Git/shoes/rakefile:16:in ``'
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

So, I replaced rakefile:16

#REVISION = (`#{GIT} rev-list HEAD`.split.length + 1).to_s
REVISION = '1229'

Then rake was run completely.

Note 2

I got '1229' from the following:

asa@IBM-5F6B2053D28 /c/Documents and Settings/asa/Git/shoes
$ irb
irb(main):001:0> (`git rev-list HEAD`.split.length + 1).to_s
=> "1229"

Note 3

  • download NSIS 2.45 from this
  • install
  • replaced rakefile:357
    #sh "\"#{env('NSIS')}\\makensis.exe\" #{NAME}.nsi"
    sh "\"C:\\Program Files\\NSIS\\makensis.exe\" #{NAME}.nsi"

Then rake package worked well. I got shoes-0.r1243.exe under pkg directory.

NOTE: But now my the above shoes-0.r1243.exe is on Ruby 1.8.6. Need to move into Ruby 1.9.1 asap. :-P


Look at this. :-D

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