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Shoes Twitter Search

See what's happening ? right now.

This is a mantra on the Twitter Seach web site.

Shoes Twitter Search is a tiny Shoes app which find and keep up with tweets what you are interested in.


  • download zip file and do unzip
  • change directory to lib
  • run shoes_twitter_search.rb with your Shoes

Default search words are Shoes RubyLearning. You can delete them with backspace key and reinput new keywords.

If you click on an upper right deepskyblue star, Shoes Twitter Search searches them immediately. If you do nothing, it'll search every 60 seconds.

If you click on each word, the result of google translation (English to Japanese) will appear on the small popup area.



Change log

Jun 05th, 2010: Released v0.2a. Edited a little bit by twitter_search output format change.
Mar 27th, 2009: Released v0.2. Added the google-translate function.
Mar 26th, 2009: Rewroted link function from scratch.
Mar 24th, 2009: Added links to twitters and replaced snapshot pic.
Mar 20th, 2009: Added a rescue condition for avatar downloading and wrote this README.
Mar 19st, 2009: First release v0.1

To do list

  • discover the cause of abort
  • add advanced search conditions
  • translate the word (Mouseover Dictionary) like this... done!
  • fetch the next page of the search result

The last

Let's have fun!