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MEAN Checklist - Backend

Mongo, Express, Angular 2+ and Node.js checklist application. This is the back-end of the app. Does not include visual front-end (a separate repo found (here)[]).


  1. Install (Node.js)[]
  2. Install (MongoDB)[]
  3. Clone this repo from GitHub into a local folder
  4. Run npm install in the cloned repo folder's root

Quick Start

  1. Run mongod in a separate terminal window to enable the database
  2. Run npm run start
  3. Terminal should read that the back-end API is fully operational

Edits to content in the src folder will automatically rebuild. If you need to edit content in gulp, cancel the current process then run npm run start to refresh the app's build pipeline.


You can edit and view the entire postman testing suite here.

WARNING: Running tests will reset the active database.

  1. mongod in a separate window to initialize the database
  2. npm run start to run the server in a separate window
  3. npm run test to run the tests. Run this command as many times as you would like
  4. Results will be printed accordingly in the terminal

Testing is built on top of Postman's Newman package. If you want to learn more about and use Postman to update the tests, please see here.

Database Tasks

npm run serve-db-new: Boot up the server with a cleanly wiped database.

npm run serve-db-mocks: Create a new database with injected data mocks. Then run the server. For a list of the generated mock accounts with password please see here.


MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular 2+, and Node) application backend. Handles the authentication system, API calls, and checklist data with tasks.






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