API used for interfacing with the TinEye image search service.
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TinEye - Python app to screen-scrape TinEye image search results.


To install, put somewhere on your python path. Doesn't matter where.


I am using BeautifulSoup to parse the results output. If you want this python program to work - best install BeautifulSoup. It very useful for other things too.


You can use this app to search for photos on the TinEye webapp. Initially I had asked for non-commercial access to their API, but I got a PFO instead.

Using this library is in direct conflict with their terms of service. I have put in a few random User Agent strings and search rate limiting but come one. These guys design image search algorithms for a living. I am sure they can tell when their system is being abused. Make sure you steal your neighbors WiFi connection when using this code.


Usage is pretty simple. There are two objects, TinEye search object and a TinEye photo object. You create your images that you want searched and pass them to the TinEye search object.

from tineye import TinEye, TinEyePhoto
photo = TinEyePhoto(name='My Cool Photo', 'http://example.com/wicked_photo.jpg')

te = TinEye()
num_results, link = te.search(photo)

See - it's not too tough.