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(:require ( [vote :as vote])
(clojure [string :as string])
(clj-time [format :as tf])
(net.cgrand [enlive-html :as html])))
(def in-fmt (tf/formatter "MMMM dd, yyyy, HH:mm a"))
(defn- year-to-session [year]
{:congress (int (/ (- year 1787) 2))
:session (if (odd? year) 1 2)})
(defn- to-url [year vote]
(let [{:keys [congress session]} (year-to-session year)]
(str "" congress
session "/vote_" congress "_" session "_" (format "%05d" vote) ".xml")))
(defn- pattern [res pattern]
(map html/text (html/select res pattern)))
(defn scraper [year vote]
(let [res (html/html-resource ( (to-url year vote)))
votes (map (fn [p v] {(keyword p) {(keyword (string/lower-case v)) 1}})
(pattern res [:party])
(pattern res [:vote_cast]))
outcome (reduce (partial merge-with (partial merge-with +)) votes)
outcome (apply merge
(map (fn [[p o]] {p (select-keys o [:yea :nay])}) outcome))
date (first (pattern res [:vote_date]))]
(when date
(println "Senate -" year vote)
(if (not (or (empty? outcome) (empty? (:D outcome)) (empty? (:R outcome))))
{:year year
:vote vote
:date (tf/unparse vote/date-fmt (tf/parse in-fmt date))
:outcome outcome}
(catch Exception _ nil)))
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