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(ns partisanship.metrics
(:import (java.lang Math))
(:require ( [vote :as vote])))
(defn approval
"Returns the approval ratio of the vote, either overall or for the given
(let [votes (vals (select-keys (:outcome vote) [:D :R]))
yeas (reduce + 0 (remove nil? (map :yea votes)))
total (double (reduce + 0 (flatten (map vals votes))))]
(when (pos? total)
(/ yeas total))))
([party vote]
(let [outcome (party (:outcome vote))
total (double (reduce + 0 (vals outcome)))]
(when (pos? total)
(/ (:yea outcome 0) total)))))
(defn partisanship
"The partisanship score for a vote. 1 indicates maximum partisanship
(Reps and Dems voting completely opposite). 0 indicates no difference
in voting behavior between parties."
(let [dem-approval (approval :D vote)
rep-approval (approval :R vote)]
(when (and dem-approval rep-approval)
(Math/abs (- dem-approval rep-approval)))))
(defn- contest [vote-approval]
(when vote-approval
(* 2 (Math/abs (- 0.5 vote-approval)))))
(defn unity
"The overall unity for a vote. 1 indicates complete agreement and 0
indicates total disagreement (50/50 split). If a party is given, the
unity score represents party unity on the vote."
(contest (approval vote)))
([party vote]
(contest (approval party vote))))
(defn contested?
"Returns true if more than 10% of the votes are against the majority
(when-let [score (unity vote)]
(> 0.80 score)))