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An iOS app for Science Olympiad Tournaments.
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An app that provides everything a competitor would ever want or need at a Harvard University Science Olympiad Tournanent.

Learn more about the app by downloading HUSO on the App Store or reading the documentation below.


Default Login Screen Individualized Map Individualzed ScheduleSubmission Options More Options Clicking on Events Opens Maps


  • INDIVIDUALIZED SCHEDULES: Have an algorithm create an individualized, chronologically ordered schedule for a competitor's day at Harvard with the time and locations of impounds, self-scheduled events, standard competition events, and tournament wide events. These schedules are built using only three inputs: division, team name, and events.
  • APPLE MAPS INTEGRATION: 1) Tapping any event or impound in the custom schedule will open a pin with its location in Apple Maps. 2) The first panel of the app shows the building locations of all of one competitor's events. The room number of the first event in each building is highlighted.
  • COMPETITOR PARTICIPATION: Photo submissions for pre-Awards Ceremony slideshows and individualized event and tournament wide feedback forms are encouraged from competitors and incentivized through various reward systems.
  • COMPETITOR SAFETY: Harvard police contact information is prominently displayed and accessible in the More panel.
  • FLOOR PLANS: Competitors will never get lost at Harvard. They can use floor maps designed by HUSO to navigate through the Science Center, Harvard Hall, and more.
  • CONTACT: Competitors can easily reach out to HUSO with from within the app using emails that are automatically half-written for the user.
  • ARBITRATION: Competitors can review arbitration protocols and forms and help get their coach involved.
  • WEBSITE: HUSO's website and files are accessible from within the app.
  • RESULTS: Users can be the first to find out how their team compared with the competition.
  • VECTOR ART: HUSO Logo The app showcases the newly designed logo that acts as the icon for the app.

Post-Tournament Reflections

Read about how the app performed here:

Tournament Support

I would happily work with any Science Olympiad tournament that would like to support the development of a custom Science Olympiad tournament app. From ideation to debugging, the underlying code has been designed so that can be easily implemented for different tournaments and would require almost no effort on behalf of the tournament director.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or business inquiries.

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