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This repo contains the source code for the following papers:

  • Structural-RNN (S-RNN) for doing deep learning over spatio-temporal graphs. Checkout the srnn branch and the source code is present in the directory structural_rnn. This source code takes input a spatio-temporal graph written in a text file and creates the S-RNN architecture. Currently the directory contains the code for human motion modeling on H3.6m data set. Our paper can be downloaded from here

  • Sensory-fusion recurrent neural architecture for driver activity anticipation The source code is in the directory anticipatory-rnn/maneuver-rnn. Checkout 'icraversion' branch of NeuralModels to reproduce our results.

  • S-RNN for modeling human-object interaction (human activity detection and anticipation) code is present in anticipatory-rnn/activity-anticipation. Our paper can be downloaded from here