Show notifications of your WordPress install using Ubuntu NotifyOSD & MAC Growl
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Ubuntu NotifyOSD / MAC Growl WordPress Notifier

It will check with the version of your WordPress install & compare it with the latest version and will notify you to upgrade your install.

Right now, I run it by setting it up as a cron job for every 10 minutes.

How to set it up?

  • Copy the folder ubuntu-notifyosd-wp-plugin to your plugins folder of your WordPress install (wp-admin/plugins/).
  • Activate the plugin.
  • And then copy the other folder ubuntu-notify-osd-script somewhere where you will like to keep it (In a scripts folder under your home directory perhaps?).
  • open the script for editing, change the URL of your WordPress install WPURL
  • Setup the cronjob for the script by crontab -e
  • At the end of the file, add */10 * * * * /path/to/
  • Press Ctrl + X to exit. Press y to save the changes you made.
  • That's it

What's more to come?

I intend to make it work in realtime & not by polling every few minutes. But that's something out of my skillset right now.

Other than upgrade notifications, I see scope of the following:

  • Notification of user registrations
  • Comments (pending/approval)
  • Plugin or Theme updates
  • Provide API so that custom events notification can be pushed to the user