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awesome-hammerspoon configuration

awesome-hammerspoon is my configuration for Hammerspoon. It has highly modal-based, vim-style keybindings, provides some functionality like desktop widgets, window management, application launcher, instant search, aria2 frontend ... etc.

Get started

  1. Install Hammerspoon first.

  2. git clone ~/.hammerspoon

  3. Reload the configutation.

Keep update

cd ~/.hammerspoon && git pull

How to use

Just press opt, plus A or C or R… to start. If need help, press tab to toggle the keybindings cheatsheet.

Press opt + ? to toggle the help panel, which will show all opt related keybindings.


These screenshots demostrate what awesome-hammerspoon is capable of. Learn more about built-in Spoons.

Desktop widgets

More details


Window manpulation + R

More details


Search something + G

More details


aria2 Frontend + D

More details


You need to run aria2 with RPC enabled before using this. Config aria2 host and token in ~/.hammerspoon/private/config.lua, then you're ready to go.

hsaria2_host = "http://localhost:6800/jsonrpc" -- default host
hsaria2_secret = "token" -- YOUR OWN SECRET


More details
cp ~/.hammerspoon/config-example.lua ~/.hammerspoon/private/config.lua

Then modify the file ~/.hammerspoon/private/config.lua:

  • Add/remove Spoons.

    Define hspoon_list to decide which Spoons (a distributing format of Hammerspoon module) to be loaded. There are 15 built-in Spoons, learn about them at here.

    There are more Spoons at official spoon repository (you may need a little config before using them).

  • Customize keybindings

    Please read ~/.hammerspoon/private/config.luafor more details.

Finally press cmd + ctrl + shift + r to reload the configuration.


More details

Thanks to

More details