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My Blog

My blog.


git clone https://github.com/ashfurrow/blog.git 
cd blog
bundle install

Then navigate to


Creative Commons License

This work by Ash Furrow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Code I've written is licensed under MIT. Other components such as Bootstrap or the original blog theme have their own licenses.


Thanks to the following people and projects:

Photo Credits

All banner (full-width) images on the site are my own unless they link to an external source. I release my photos under the same license as this blog; the licenses of others' work vary.

I'd like to thank the following contributors.

Photo Photographer
Main banner on Portfio. Andrey Tochilin
"Software" banner on Portfolio. Nick Simmons
Blogging image on Portfolio Pete O'Shea
Several blog post header backgrounds Cloudy Conway (license)

Server Setup

The site is served from S3, but through CloudFlare's CDN. The CDN caches everything on edges. These edges respect the caching header set on individual files. CloudFlare also sets a browser cache expiration of 30 minutes for all content (if a longer one is not specified, see below).

After deploying to the gh-pages branch, Cloudflare's cached content is invalidated.


Search is done using lunrjs through the middleman-search plugin. This requires: