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My Blog

My blog.


git clone
cd blog
yarn install
yarn start # This will take a few minutes the first time

Then navigate to http://localhost:8000.


Contributions, such as typo corrections or bug reports, are very welcome! Feel free to open an issue or make a pull request to the master branch. All blog posts are written in Markdown in the blog/ directory, which gets deployed automatically by Netlify when a pull request is merged. See Server Setup below.


Creative Commons License

This work by Ash Furrow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Code I've written is licensed under MIT. Other components such as Gatsby or the original blog start have their own licenses.


Thanks to the following people and projects:

Photo Credits

All banner (full-width) images on the site are my own unless they link to an external source. I release my photos under the same license as this blog; the licenses of others' work vary.

I'd like to thank the following contributors.

Photo Photographer
Main banner on Portfolio. Andrey Tochilin
"Software" banner on Portfolio. Nick Simmons
Education image on Portfolio Pete O'Shea
Community image on Portfolio Paul Hudson
Recent blog post header backgrounds Cloudy Conway (license) and Crooked Cosmos (CC0)

Server Setup

The site is served from Netlify. The feeds are served from the subdomain (aliased to the main domain, except everything that's not a feed URL will 404).