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5 More Years of Building Software

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In 2009, I started writing iOS apps. Five years later I wrote a retrospective of my career so far. Well, it's been another five years, so here is my next career lookback.

My first retrospective covered my graduation from university, me jumping around a few startups, working for a design studio, and finally joining Artsy. This retrospective covers most of my work at Artsy. When I joined Artsy in 2014, it was about 40 people large, and now it's around 200! So this retrospective is necessarily going to cover not just the ways that I've grown, but some ways how Artsy has grown, too. This blog post took six months to write. Strap in, folks!

Cast yourself back to December 2014. Where were you? My wife Ashley and I were living in Amsterdam, but our Dutch visas were about to expire. We'd be moving to New York soon. I'd been working for Artsy for eight months and had just shipped my first app for the company, in beta versions of Swift! (It's open source, by the way.) I had also been battling severe depression throughout my entire time in Amsterdam, but had stabilized somewhat (I would begin therapy soon).

There's a lot of uncertainty in my life right now. There've been a lot of changes lately, both professionally and personally. Five years ago, I called myself an "iOS Developer", but now I don't scope myself to a single platform. I'm leading a team, and I'm helping lead Artsy through a critical part of its growth as a company and as a business.

I don't know where I'll be, or who I'll be, in another five years. But I'm so excited for the journey. Thanks for reading, and take care.

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