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Danger Rubocop

A Danger plugin for Rubocop.


Add this line to your Gemfile:

gem 'danger-rubocop'


Run Ruby files through Rubocop. Results are passed out as a table in markdown.

Specifying custom config file.


Lint specific files in a folder, when they change

public_files = (git.modified_files + git.added_files).select { |path| path.include?("/public/") }
rubocop.lint public_files


lint(config: Hash)

Runs Ruby files through Rubocop. Generates a markdown list of warnings.

This method accepts configuration hash. The following keys are supported:

  • files: array of file names or glob patterns to determine files to lint
  • force_exclusion: pass true to pass --force-exclusion argument to Rubocop. (this option will instruct rubocop to ignore the files that your rubocop config ignores, despite the plugin providing the list of files explicitely)
  • inline_comment: pass true to comment inline of the diffs.
  • fail_on_inline_comment: pass true to use fail instead of warn on inline comment.
  • report_danger: pass true to report errors to Danger, and break CI.

Passing files as only argument is also supported for backward compatibility.