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A Danger Ruby plugin for SwiftLint that runs on macOS.


Add this line to your Gemfile:

gem 'danger-swiftlint'

SwiftLint also needs to be installed before you run Danger, which you can do via Homebrew or a Brewfile. On CI, this is done for you when the gem is installed.


The easiest way to use is just add this to your Dangerfile:


By default danger-swiftlint will lint added and modified files.

swiftlint.config_file = '.swiftlint.yml'
swiftlint.binary_path = '/path/to/swiftlint'
swiftlint.max_num_violations = 20

If you want the lint result shows in diff instead of comment, you can use inline_mode option. Violations that out of the diff will show in danger's fail or warn section.

swiftlint.lint_files inline_mode: true

If you want different configurations on different directories, you can specify the directory. Note: Run swiftlint.lint_files per specified directory then.

swiftlint.directory = "Directory A"

If you want lint errors to fail Danger, you can use fail_on_error option.

swiftlint.lint_files fail_on_error: true

If you need to specify options for swiftlint that can only be specified by command line arguments, use the additional_swiftlint_args option.

swiftlint.lint_files additional_swiftlint_args: '--lenient'

By default, only files that were added or modified are linted.

It's not possible to use nested configurations in that case, because Danger SwiftLint lints each file on it's own, and by doing that the nested configuration is disabled. If you want to learn more details about this, read the whole issue here.

However, you can use the lint_all_files option to lint all the files. In that case, Danger SwiftLint doesn't lint files individually, which makes nested configuration to work. It'd be the same as you were running swiftlint on the root folder:

swiftlint.lint_all_files = true

You can use the SWIFTLINT_VERSION environment variable to override the default version installed via the rake install task.

Finally, if something's not working correctly, you can debug this plugin by using setting swiftlint.verbose = true.


Original structure, sequence, and organization of repo taken from danger-prose by David Grandinetti.