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Adding Your Peer Lab

Adding your peer lab is a straightforward process: you need to add it to the events.yml file in this repository. The only field that's strictly required is the city, but the more info you can add the better. Use the existing entries as examples.

Field Description
city What city is your peer lab located in?
schedule How often do you meet? When?
location Where do you meet?
meetup_url A URL to link to (doesn't need to be a URL).
contact_twitter If someone has questions, who should they tweet?
contact_email If someone has questions, who should they email?


Deploys happen automatically after every merged pull request.

This repository adheres to the Contributor Covenant 1.4.0.

Getting Set Up for Development

git clone
bundle install
# Then to start the server
rake server


Thanks to Samuel Goodwin for inspiring me to start my own peer lab.

Thanks to Start Bootstrap for the theme. Photos purchased from Adobe Stock.