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Following in the steps of other open source projects that
eventually take over the world, here is the partial list
of people who have contributed to this project and its
supporting works. It is sorted by name and formatted to
allow easy grepping and beautification by scripts.
The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W),
description (D), subversion username (U) and snail-mail
address (S).
John Harrison and frineds?
PS: Yes, I copied this from the Rakudo project
PPS: Yes, this looks remarkably like the Linux CREDITS format
PPPS: This file is encoded in UTF-8
N: John Harrison
Adapted from "find_obj" OpenCV demo by:
A Demo to OpenCV Implementation of SURF
Further Information Refer to "SURF: Speed-Up Robust Feature"
Author: Liu Liu
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