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=head1 OpenCV Mapping System
The current goal of this project is to have a set of robots that have an
ad hoc wireless mesh network, for research purposes at Auburn University.
Professor Biaz is conducting research on mesh networking systems. To make
his life easier, he has enlisted my help with programming a set of robots
that he can use for broadcasting his mesh network.
A current need for the system is a localization system for navigation
inside the building we are working in. Utilizing OpenCV and web cameras
mounted on the robots, I plan on creating a SLAM system that uses maps of
the ceiling of our building for navigation purposes. With an upwards
facing camera, and a map of the ceiling I should be able to use OpenCV to
locate where the robots are on the map.
Right now, I am working on a proof of concept, if this works, I'll update
this and move on to maybe a more general library.