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A Mobile Substrate-based extension that enables complete control over multitasking.
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To build this project:

1. Install an iOS toolchain for your system.
2. $ bash
3. $ export SYSROOT=<path to root of iOS SDK>
4. $ make


To create a .deb package that can be installed on your device:

1. $ make package

NOTE: While I would prefer that you do not distribute your own package, and that
      you would instead submit any patches to me instead, if you do decide to
      distribute, *please* be certain to:

1. Rename your package identifier (Package:) and name (Name:).
   Do *not* use the original project name (i.e. "Backgrounder").
2. Change the author/maintainer information.
3. Make your package conflicts with the original (my) package.
4. Be sure to follow the rules of the license.
   - The original author must be credited for the original work,
     and *only* the original work - not any changes made by you.

!                                                                       !
! WARNING: If people begin distributing custom builds without following !
!          the above instructions, I *will* terminate this project.     !
!                                                                       !


To install the package created in the previous step:

1. $ export FW_DEVICE_IP=<your device's IP address>
2. $ export FW_DEVICE_PORT=<your device's ssh port>
3. $ make install


For more information about Theos, the build system used for this project, see:
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