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@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ shader systems. *gloc 1.0* features:
- runs as a native binary and in-the-browser via js_of_ocaml
*gloc* is distributed as source code via this repository as well as a
- [compiled JavaScript tool]( *glol*, the
+ [compiled JavaScript tool]( *glol*, the
*glo* linking algorithm, is [also
- available]( for your development convenience.
+ available]( for your development convenience.
*gloc* is licensed under a
@@ -105,8 +105,8 @@ concerns, just ask! :-)
### WebGL Application Developers
WebGL application developers need only to use the [JavaScript *glol*
-link algorithm]( and the
-[glocode]( development
+link algorithm]( and the
+[glocode]( development
environment. No local software installation is required.
### Shader Developers
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ <h1>Introducing <span class="glow">glo</span>, <span class="glow">gloc</span>,
<p>Hello, World Wide Web! This is David Sheets, co-founder of Ashima Arts,
coming to you in living hypermedia.</p>
<p>I am pleased to announce the first release
-of <a class="glow" href="">gloc</a>, a
+of <a class="glow" href="">gloc</a>, a
precision-crafted toolkit for WebGL and OpenGL ES2 GLSL
shaders. gloc
enables authors to easily unlock the power and creative potential of
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ <h3>What <span class="glow">gloc</span> enables:</h3>
<h3>How <span class="glow">gloc</span> works:</h3>
<table style="text-align: center">
- <tr><td><img src=""
+ <tr><td><img src=""
alt="gloc pipeline: gloc transforms ES SL into glo object files
which are subsequently linked with other glo resources using glol to produce WebGL
@@ -76,16 +76,16 @@ <h3>How <span class="glow">gloc</span> works:</h3>
<p>The result of this scope analysis and a minimally modified
reserialization of the source is then packaged into a simple JSON
format, <a class="glow"
- href="">glo</a>. The <span class="glow">glo</span>
+ href="">glo</a>. The <span class="glow">glo</span>
format we have designed makes accurate linking as easy as possible
with a concise linking algorithm, <a class="glow"
- href="">glol</a>. <span class="glow">glo</span>
+ href="">glol</a>. <span class="glow">glo</span>
includes support for link maps indicating the location of each linked
source fragment to aid debugging. Also included is optional
hyperlinked authorship metadata declaring the copyright holder,
author, license, library, version, and build. We recommend
transporting <span class="glow">glo</span> shader libraries in
- the <a class="glow" href="">glom</a>
+ the <a class="glow" href="">glom</a>
manifest format which provides an ordered, named, hierarchical JSON
structure around each
<span class="glow">glo</span>
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ <h3>How <span class="glow">gloc</span> works:</h3>
<p>Finally, the generated <span class="glow">glo</span> files may be
linked back into valid shader programs
by <span class="glow">gloc</span> or a simple JavaScript
- linker, <a href="">glol.js</a>,
+ linker, <a href="">glol.js</a>,
included with <a href="">the
distribution</a>. The linking algorithm takes a list of symbols to be
satisfied (['main'] by default) and a search path
@@ -106,9 +106,9 @@ <h3>How <span class="glow">gloc</span> works:</h3>
<h3>Where <span class="glow">gloc</span> lives:</h3>
<p>The source code for the <a class="glow"
- href="">gloc</a> suite version 1.0.0 has
+ href="">gloc</a> suite version 1.0.0 has
been released under the BSD 3-Clause license
- on <a href="">GitHub</a>. A <a href="">Web
+ on <a href="">GitHub</a>. A <a href="">Web
interface</a> is immediately available.
<p>We heartily welcome community contributions and look forward to

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