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webgl-demos is a collection of WebGL demonstrations from Ashima
Group. The software is free and open source under the MIT Expat license
which can be found in the LICENSE file.
+## Demos
+- [Multiple Panorama Viewer](tree/master/pano)
19 pano/
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+# Ashima webgl-demos
+## Multiple Panorama Viewer
+### Requirements
+To automatically fetch assets or wrap the demo in
+[webgl-diagnostic](, you will
+need **make**, **xsltproc**, and **wget**.
+### Assets
+To automatically fetch the large, binary panorama images, run *make*
+*static* in this directory.
+### Demo Wrapping
+To wrap the Mars demo in
+[webgl-diagnostic]( and
+prepare for publication, run *make* in *mars/*.
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