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gc_heap.c use PRId64/32 where available for printing fixnums (issue #479) Jun 29, 2018
mkfile Forgot to install regexp (patch from Lorenzo) Jan 25, 2015
opcodes.c adding -Dsafe-string-cursors feature to perform extra checks on strin… Jan 31, 2019
plan9.c Updating copyright years. Apr 8, 2015
vm.c exact zero minus a number is negation (fixes issue #523) Mar 5, 2019


Minimal Scheme Implementation for use as an Extension Language

Chibi-Scheme is a very small library intended for use as an extension and scripting language in C programs. In addition to support for lightweight VM-based threads, each VM itself runs in an isolated heap allowing multiple VMs to run simultaneously in different OS threads.

There are no external dependencies so is relatively easy to drop into any project.

The default repl language contains all bindings from R7RS small, available explicitly as the (scheme small) library. The language is built in layers, however - see the manual for instructions on compiling with fewer features or requesting a smaller language on startup.

Chibi-Scheme is known to work on 32 and 64-bit Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and OS X, Plan 9, Windows (using Cygwin), iOS, Android, ARM and Emscripten. Basic support for native Windows desktop also exists. See for details and build instructions.

To build on most platforms just run make && make test. This will provide a shared library libchibi-scheme, as well as a sample chibi-scheme command-line repl. You can then run

sudo make install

to install the binaries and libraries. You can optionally specify a PREFIX for the installation directory:

make PREFIX=/path/to/install/
sudo make PREFIX=/path/to/install/ install

By default files are installed in /usr/local.

If you want to try out chibi-scheme without installing, be sure to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so it can find the shared libraries.

For more detailed documentation, run make doc and see the generated doc/chibi.html.

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