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20151127 Now minidjvu coder part removes temporary pnm files right after encoding and therefore saves much more space
20151125 Pull requests' improvements: name of temp dir is 'pagesXXXXXX' now; djvu created in the temp folder; possible trailing slash removed from the folder name
1.14 Bug fixes: codjvu function did no work with names contain spaces; mini function not exits if name of temp dir contains spaces (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.13 Option -V for version, minor optimizations (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.12 Bug fixes: quotes with minidjvu and illegal options (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.11 Version number in default output; option for number of OCR jobs (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.10 Bug fixes: bugs introduced in previous version :)
1.9 Bug fix: filenames with spaces (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.8 Bug fix: /tmp was not default (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.7 Choice of temporary folder (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.6 Does not use double extensions (thanks to Kyrill Detinov)
1.5 Subfolders are ingnored, additional check for absolute paths which are not allowed
1.4 OCR for all pages via ocrodjvu, language AND engine could be specified (new option -e)
1.3 Added DPI for c44 coder amd makedjvu (inside codjvu function)
1.2 Removed useless Group4 conversion option (thanks to anagnost96), added verbosity option specific for minidjvu
1.1 Removed call to composite -- speed increased by 20%, thanks to U235; added some output (number of files and skipped files)
1.0 Background color layer now downsampled; if DjVuLibre version > 3.5.32, uses FGbz chunk instead of FG44; image processing is now controlled with -p option; OCR via ocrodjvu/hocr2djvused + cuneiform is possible
0.9d Two bugs fixed: (1) lost path after minidjvu processing and (2) pgcount should decrease before breaking cycle if convert did not work
0.9c minidjvu --agression 200 for -a 2; ignoring non-graphic files
0.9b Functions cleanup
0.9a Checks for existence of folder and subfolders added, better README
0.9 Checks for ImageMagick, Djvu Libre and minidjvu (with -m option) added