Create GIF countdown timer image.
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GIF Timer

Create GIF countdown timer image. Purpose of this file is to create a GIF animation to show countdown timer based on parameters.


Use composer install to install the dependancies. Then you can create the image like this:

use GifTimer\GifTimer;
$uptime = strtotime("+15 minutes");
$gt = new GifTimer($uptime);
$image  = $gt->get();

You can then output the file to browser:

header('Content-type: image/gif');
header('Content-Disposition: filename="timer.gif"');
echo $image;

Or write the file into file system.

file_put_contents('/timer.gif', $image);



  • $end_time
    • int time in second defines the destination time.
  • $start_time
    • (optional) int time in second from which the counter starts.
    • default: time()
  • $step
    • (optional) int number of seconds for each step of timer.
    • default: 1
  • $width
    • (optional) int width of the gif image.
    • default: 400
  • $height
    • (optional) int height of the gif image.
    • default: 80
  • $font_size
    • (optional) int default font size.
    • default: 20
  • $font
    • (optional) string path to the font.
    • default: /font/OpenSans-Light.ttf
  • $bg_color
    • (optional) string background color in hex.
    • default: 3D3D3D
  • $last_bg_color
    • (optional) string defines a color for the last frame in hex.
    • default: 3D3D3D
  • $color
    • (optional) string text color in hex.
    • default: FFFFFF


GIF Creator from Sybio