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This would be a web application which will be your next stop to planning your day easily and effectively. We will schedule your task and also hand you a CSV output if you need to export to your frequently used calender.

Clone this repository and run as a django web application and enjoy this app.

How to clone and make it running?

  • First step is clone this repository to your local machine.
  • sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip
  • sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • move to folder where main django files are: cd getSchedGo/getSchedGo
  • python3 migrate
  • python3 createsuperuser This will be your admin user.
  • python3 runserver And you are good to go.
  • To use data of courses added in your database
    • Run python3 shell
    • In Shell
    • from courses.CourseData import UpdateCourse
    • UpdateCourse()

Basic Features

  • Personal details and habits:

    • Input as query/form from user
      • Sleep Preferences/slots:
        • Duration fullfilled
        • Timing
      • Work Preferences:
        • Timings Day/Night fullfilled
        • Duration Continous/sparsed
        • Stamina
      • Meals (availability timing and preferred)
      • Personal Interests and Hobbies:
        • Chillout Preferences
        • follows football / NBA fullfilled
      • Travel times/buffer
        • Assuming 2 venues (by default)
    • Consequences and blah blah
  • Processing Inputs

    • Initial Inputs:
      • Base Time table (autoumatically generated by course code given by user) fullfilled fullfilled
    • Regular Inputs: fullfilled
      • Insti Events
      • Assignments and pre-declared quizzes help-sessions
      • Tutorial prep (solve/ view tutorial)
      • Daily/weekly target (eg complete a lecture/tv series)
  • Event Details:

    • Priority: fullfilled
      • Acad/personal
      • Indespensable (eg quiz exam assignment)
      • High (Game of thrones,meeting with friends)
      • preferred (regular study slot , sleep)
      • mediocre (sports)
      • least (dedicated chillout)
    • Timing: fullfilled
      • fixed timing
      • deadlined (hard/soft)
      • flexible Event shcheduling will take into consideration mainly these above mentioned two parameters
    • Other addons
      • venue fullfilled
      • description fullfilled
      • buffer time/recovery time.
  • Interface and working:

    • Account based service fullfilled
    • will ask for basic profile info i.e. "Personal details and habits" fullfilled
    • add event for a day/week. __fullfilled__FOR day
    • get events from instructor fullfilled
    • fix meetings with friends and instructor
    • group study/meet by schedule interaction.
    • estimate of events like exam prep, assignment etc. as given be peers fullfilled
    • exporting schedule in some format (eg csv for google calender) fullfilled


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