Collecting provenance

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Provenance metadata is generated by SPADE reporters. An arbitrary number of reporters can be added. The SPADE server integrates the provenance records coming from all of them.

We provide reporters for collecting operating-system-wide provenance on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Android. Each of these monitor system call events and transform them into provenance semantics.

It is also possible to report provenance information through a programming interface. Note that each reporter is loaded by and runs as part of the SPADE server. Hence, implementing such a class requires handling the inter-process communication with the source from which the provenance is being collected.

To help a user start sending provenance information to SPADE directly, we have implemented a reporter that creates a named pipe in the filesystem, to which a user can send provenance information in a simple domain specific language, either manually or from an external program.

To learn more about these reporters, see select the corresponding items in the sidebar on the right.

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