Collecting system wide provenance on Windows

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The ProcMon reporter uses input from the Process Monitor application on Microsoft Windows. Process Monitor is a monitoring tool that shows real-time file system, registry, and process/thread activity. It is available for download from Microsoft.

To collect provenance on Windows using the ProcMon reporter, the following steps must be performed:

  • Start Process Monitor. The tool will automatically begin capturing system-wide events.
  • Perform the tasks for which you want to collect provenance.
  • Stop Process Monitor.
  • Save Process Monitor's log file to disk. This saves the recorded system-wide activity to a single file.
  • In the SPADE controller, start the ProcMon reporter with the path to the saved file as an argument, which is c:\ProcMon.log in the example below:
-> add reporter ProcMon c:\ProcMon.log
Adding reporter ProcMon... done

The ProcMon reporter will ingest the log file and send provenance information corresponding to the recorded activity to the SPADE kernel.

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