Limiting filesystem provenance collection on Mac OS X

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It may be preferable to only collect provenance about a limited part of the filesystem (that a target application is using, for example). Additionally, collecting fine-grained provenance, including I/O time, can impose significant overhead when done across the entire operating system. This reporter allows provenance collection to be limited to a subtree of the filesystem (which is /tmp/mountPoint in the example below).


The MacFUSE reporter is built automatically with make in the top-level SPADE directory.

To use this reporter, the argument must specify the path where the FUSE filesystem will be mounted:

-> add reporter MacFUSE /tmp/mountPoint
Adding reporter MacFUSE... done

Provided that no file or directory already exists at /tmp/mountPoint, the above command will mount the FUSE filesystem at /tmp/mountPoint. Any filesystem events that occur in this subtree will be monitored by SPADE and their provenance recorded. Information about the processes that generate the filesystem activity will also be collected and reported.

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