Using Transformers

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SPADE supports the use of transformers to rewrite query results. Multiple transformers can be composed in a specified order. A list of currently configured transformers is maintained. At the outset, this does not contain any transformers.

Adding transformers

To add a transformer, its name must be specified along with the position in the list where it should be inserted. For example, to add the MergeIO transformer and make it the first to process query results:

-> add transformer MergeIO position=1
Adding transformer MergeIO... done

Removing transformers

To remove a transformer, specify its position:

-> remove transformer 1
Removing transformer MergeIO... done

Listing transformers

To see the list of transformers currently configured in SPADE, use the following:

-> list transformers
1 transformer(s) added:
    1. MergeIO
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