Using filters

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SPADE supports the use of filters for stream processing of provenance metadata. Multiple filters can be composed in a specified order. A list of currently configured filters is maintained. At the outset, this does not contain any filters.

Adding filters

To add a filter, its name must be specified along with the position in the list where it should be inserted. To add a new filter and make it the first to process incoming provenance, it should be inserted into position 1. For example:

-> add filter IORuns position=1
Adding filter IORuns... done

Another filter may then be added before the IORuns filter by also specifying 1 as the position:

-> add filter CycleAvoidance position=1
Adding filter CycleAvoidance... done

At this point, CycleAvoidance is located at index 1 and IORuns is located at index 2. Another filter can be added after CycleAvoidance and before IORuns by specifying 2 as the index:

-> add filter GraphFinesse position=2
Adding filter GraphFinesse... done

Based on the list maintained by SPADE, data provenance will first be transformed by CycleAvoidance, then GraphFinesse, and finally by IORuns, before being delivered to storage.

Removing filters

To remove a filter, specify its position:

-> remove filter 2
Removing filter GraphFinesse... done

Listing filters

To see the list of filters currently configured in SPADE, use the following:

-> list filters
2 filter(s) added:
    1. CycleAvoidance
    2. IORuns
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