SPADE: Support for Provenance Auditing in Distributed Environments
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hassaanirshad Updated CDM 1.9 to CDM 2.0:
1) HostInfo: Added 'ta1Version'. Reading that from file '/etc/tc-version'. TODO. Would always be empty for now
2) Replaced the CDM jar, and 'cfg/' of CDM 1.9 with that of CDM 2.0
3) Graphviz storage: Added edge colors for new events added in CDM 2.0
4) CDM storage:
	b) Adding 'ta1Version' to 'Host'
	c) Setting null for 'initTcpSeqNum' in 'NetFlowObject' because not available
5) OPMConstants: Added constant for 'ta1Version' in CDM 'Host' object
6) CDM reporter: Handling changes mentioned in (4)
Latest commit 9723666 Feb 16, 2019

Getting Started

Please refer to SPADE's documentation to learn how to use it to collect, filter, store, and query your provenance metadata.

To learn more about SPADE, please see:

  • Ashish Gehani and Dawood Tariq, SPADE: Support for Provenance Auditing in Distributed Environments, 13th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Conference on Middleware, 2012. [PDF].

Please see the lists of people and publications associated with the project for further information.

This is the current status of the master branch of the repository:

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