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Blockchain Voting

This project attempts to develop a e-voting solution on a blockchain to maintain transparency of votes, an immutable ledger such that votes cannot be modified, and an open system which can be audited. Blockchain enables voting to be a distributed system. Therefore, no one single node can unilaterally modify the chain and mutate voter registration or the actual ballot.



File Organization


API Documentation


Instructions to Setup

The project was developed in Python 3.6. Support for Python 2.7 and < Python 3.5 is untested.

Setup the project using virtualenv.

virtualenv venv -p python3
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Instructions to Run

The main files in the project are,,, and

These can be run as follows:

python -p 5000
python -p 6000

Following this, nodes will have to manually registered to each other to form the distributed network. To ease this process, the repository provides an easy way to setup a 20-node blockchain cluster, i.e. 10-node Voterchain cluster and 10-node Votechain cluster. Use the commands below to set it up:


Following this, run and to register a user as a voter and to cast votes respectively.