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A brainfuck interpreter written in pure x86 assembly. The assembled binary is a mere 194 bytes!


Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language designed for extreme minimalism. Its programs consist of eight distinct characters which perform operations on an array in memory. It was created by Urban Müller in 1992 for the Amiga family of personal computers with the goal of having the smallest compiler possible. In fact, the compiler he wrote has an executable size of just 240 bytes!

This project was designed not with the goal of creating the smallest compiler possible, but to create the smallest interpreter possible. While there are definitely optimizations I could still make, this is likely as small as it will get without much work.

To execute a brainfuck program with this interpreter, first build it with make. You can then pass it a program along with input via stdin. The interpreter reads two lines from stdin - the first is the program, and the second is the input.


To run these examples, write them to a file and then pipe it into the program: cat hello.b | ./bf-interpreter

Here is the classical example of a program that simply prints "Hello, World!" and a newline:


Note that this example has no second line. The "Hello, World!" example does not read input, but there are certainly programs that do. The simplest of these is a cat program, one that reads from input and prints it to stdout. The simplest cat program is this:

This input will appear on stdout!

The program above will print "This input will appear on stdout!" to the terminal.


  • Programs must be on one line, with the second line being the input. This means that most .b files you find online will need to be edited in order to work with this interpreter.


  • Me (duh)
  • Blackle Mori: helped messing with the ELF header
  • My dad wanted to be mentioned in the credits so yeah

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