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Configure and control the Logitech G933 wireless headset
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An application to configure and control the Logitech wireless headsets. G933 and G533 are currently supported.


You will need the udev rules installed on your system. Copy 90-logitech.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ and add your user to the logitech group, then run these commands:

udevadm control --reload-rules
udevadm trigger

and log out and back in, or alternatively just reboot.

You can build the tool with Cargo by navigating to the git clone directory and executing cargo build --release. The executable will now be in the target/release directory.

After building, try running ./target/release/g933-utils --help to see an overview of the commands.


There is a Wireshark lua script in the notes directory that provides better parsing for the HID++ protocol that this and other Logitech devices use.
Link this script into your ~/.config/wireshark/plugins directory, and wireshark should load it automatically.

Support Me

I do a lot of work on this project and others. If you want to support me and my work so I can keep maintaining these projects, please consider becoming a patron:

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